What You'll Learn

Step up your analysis with 6 skills that connect data with insight, actions, and outcomes.  We explore the digital campaign funnel and connect KPI’s to their influencing factors. This is a perfect session for those wishing to get more out of their agency relationships.  

Ultimately, this workshop equips learners with the ability to “know what questions to ask.”  


  • It Starts With Questions
  • Asking Questions of the Data
  • Connect Causal Factors
  • Maintain Business Acumen
  • Testing Outcomes
  • Source Related or External Data
  • Apply Proper Attribution & Incrementality

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  • Ask the Right Questions

    To get the data you need, learn to ask the right questions.

  • Analysis Frameworks

    Learn multiple data analysis methods to enhance your analysis.

  • Drive to Insights

    Connect the data to increase conversions, boost campaigns, and meet business objectives.

What our Clients Say:

6 Analytics Skills that Drive Insights

  • "I learned about how to look at this topic of data in some new and different ways, anchored back to business strategy. Gave me definitive topics to think about and apply to work situations."

  • "Great info, clear explanations, excellent activities."

  • "Matt's pacing was great. He covered dense content that was easy to understand."

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