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Welcome to Your Future

I'm Matt Bailey, founder of SiteLogic

I develop training content and incredible educational experiences for the world's biggest brands.  

I'm opening up my training courses for individuals and businesses to access the same high-quality content, on their schedule.

My goal is to develop successful, confident, and creative marketers. I want to prepare you for the challenges that every digital marketer faces when pressured to produce results.

Matt's Training is found at:

Duke University
Purdue University
LInkedIn Learning
Full Sail University

Why is SiteLogic Training Different?

  • Learn by Doing

    You'll apply your learning through research assignments, real-life scenarios, application, and presentations.

  • Expert Feedback

    You'll get direct, helpful feedback from hand-selected experts that have been in the industry for decades.

  • Build Your Soft SKills

    You'll develop your digital marketing expertise while enhancing valuable persuasion, presentation, and communication skills.

  • Less Video, More Action

    I don't believe that we learn the most by watching hours of videos. More video time does not create better learning or understanding.

Testimonials from Successful Marketers

Theoretical and Practical

KJ, VP of MarcComm

I would like to commend Matt for ensuring the learning experience is theoretical but also very practical and very applicable to a multitude of marketing and communications challenges.

So Easy to Understand!

Leana, Marketing Director

I’m currently taking the course. I’m learning SO much! I have to say, out of all the courses online, I feel I learn the most from you! The way you explain it all is SO easy to understand.

Dan, Sr. Marketing Manager

Matt was amazing. He makes the content simple and easy to understand. Exercises/activities were engaging, relevant and providing a valuable learning opportunity.

Thorough Prep for the OMCA

Hey Matt! I just completed your OMCA Marketing Associate Test Prep. Your course was very thorough in explaining marketing principles. I passed on my first try!

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