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Matt Bailey

40 HOURS  ●  85 LESSONS  ●  12 Hands-On Projects

Learn the fundamentals of SEO - and more! SEO Expert Matt Bailey guides you through the major aspects of SEO. You'll learn and gain confidence as you complete hands-on assignments along with the dynamic lessons.

Monthly payment option available

A Comprehensive SEO Course From Beginner to Expert

Regardless of your SEO knowledge, you'll be challenged as you go beyond the basics into dynamic applications of SEO that builds businesses.

Active Learning

Hands-on assignments, real-world problem solving, and presentation projects increase retention and confidence in your skills.

Personalized, 1:1 Feedback

I'll help you get the most out of this course by reviewing your work and offering advice, areas of improvement, and assurance that you are on the right track.

SEO + Job Skills

You'll learn both SEO skills and people skills through your assignments and presentations. Building your personal presence and persuasion abilities increases your career prospects.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN IN THIS Search Engine Optimization Course

  • Ability to Develop and Implement SEO Strategies
  • Skills in Using Advanced SEO Tools
  • Comprehensive Understanding of SEO Audits
  • Identify and Fix Technical SEO Obstacles
  • Develop Keyword Research Insights
  • Effective Communication and Presentation Skills
  • Applying Analytics that Turn Data into Action

Master Today's Most In-Demand Skills

LinkedIn Study Shows SEO as a Top In-Demand Skill

SEO is one of the most dynamic digital skills. Mastering SEO is crucial for professionals in digital marketing, content creation, and web development, offering significant career advantages.

SEO skills support career versatility and growth, enabling professionals in roles such as social media management, digital strategy, and public relations to integrate and amplify their existing skill sets. This versatility opens up broader career paths and advancement potentials.

Specialists and managers can expect salaries in the range of $75,000 to $95,000. 

Director level positions range between $120,000 to $150,000+

Don't miss out on this dynamic career!

What You'll Get In Addition to the SEO Course:


Bonus Content You'll Receive

Industry Leading Tools

+$200 Value: Discounts and Free Trials to Partner SEO Tools.

Keyword Mastery Course

$495 Value: Gain insights beyond keyword counts. Uncover intent, language nuance, needs, and opportunities.

SEO Audit Course

$399 Value: Add another dimension to your SEO skills by performing extensive and insightful audits that increase your credibility.

1:1 Feedback and Office Hours

Get direct feedback from instructors with over 25 years of SEO experience. Use Office Hours meetings to ask questions and gain insights into the politics of SEO.

Access for 2 Years

You'll be able to access the lessons and activities for 2 years. You'll maintain your eligibility if you choose to work for SEO certifications.

Industry Accredited Instructor

You'll meet personally and have your activities reviewed by Matt Bailey, a recognized and accredited SEO expert with 30 years digital marketing experience.


Matt Bailey

Matt has taught at the world's biggest brands and most prestigious universities. Over his career, he has worked with thousands of brands to teach them all aspects of digital marketing.

His reputation of making complex subjects accessible, understandable, and do-able is the hallmark of his teaching. Students and clients rave about his ability to connect, instruct, and keep their attention - all with a touch of humor.

Matt's goal is to train the next generation of digital marketing leaders, and we invite you to be part of this amazing journey!

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Out of all the courses online, I learn the most from you! The way you explain it all is SO easy to understand.

Marketing Director

I learned so much in your SEO course! It's given me the confidence to say that I am a digital marketer! Thank you!

Marketing Director

Attending your classes is always like taking a deep dive into an ocean full of knowledge. You are the best teacher ever!

Comms Director

Very informative and chocked full of applications, ideas and insight!
Unbelievably excellent!

Social Media Director

I just finished your amazing SEO course - truly invaluable information!
You are a gifted instructor!

SEO Specialist

Matt is amazing. He makes the content simple and easy to understand.
Awesome course!

Sr. Marketing Manager

Exercises/activities were engaging,
and providing a valuable learning opportunity.

Marketing Student

Thank you for such an amazing course that is filled with information and steps that are easy to understand.

Marketing Student


Access personalized 1:1 coaching and hands-on experience that will build your skills and confidence!

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Monthly payment plan

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    General Questions

  • It will depend on your pace and schedule. We recommend setting aside at least 3-4 hours per week to watch videos and complete assignments. At that pace, you could complete the course in 4-6 weeks.

  • There will be some short quizzes, but the majority of assessments will take place as hands-on research assignments, real-life applications, and reporting methods that will demonstrate your acquisition of critical competencies and skills.

  • Content Questions

  • You will need some basic familiarity with the industry, but this course is designed to move people from a basic to intermediate-or higher level.

  • The course is modular, so it is updated when the technology makes a significant impact. However, this course focuses the best practices and methods of SEO that have not changed over the years. We provide the data and content, and you provide the critical and creative ways to use the information.

  • You will start the course with a 1-on-1 meeting with Matt Bailey. He evaluates all activities and provides feedback by email. He is also available for more in-depth discussions, but will also meet with students to work though difficult assignment or concepts.

  • The assignments are based on Matt's 25+ years of experience working in agencies and brands. These are based in actual work products that you'll be expected to know and produce in your work.

    Our assignments take the next step and evaluate your presentation skills through a variety of scenarios. Building your interpersonal, presentation, and persuasive skills, which are crucial in today's work environment.

  • You will receive a certificate of completion. The OMCA and OMCP level courses count towards an industry certification.