What You'll Learn

Bring influence, expertise, and action with visual data and storytelling techniques. This workshop explores data visualization methods that create more effective reports, presentations, and decisions.  We focus on the THINK and not the INK, to communicate critical business information to stakeholders.


  • Bad Data Visuals – Hall of Shame
  • Establish Context
  • Eliminate the Unnecessary
  • Visual Design Principles
  • Storytelling Techniques that Get Attention
  • Who Gets the Report?
  • IAI Reporting Model
  • Planning for the Presentation Space
  • Data Visualization Checklist

Here's What You'll DO after this course:

  • Breakaway from Copy & Paste Charts

    Distinguish your data by answering the question. Eliminate unnecessary reports and focus on the right data.

  • Storytelling With Data

    Make information memorable and actionable by using effective narrative techniques.

  • Communicate Quickly with Informative Visuals

    Condense, design, and focus visuals to communicate quickly and effectively to your audience.

  • Translate Data into Dollars

    Present your findings and recommendations persuasively, and in the language of the C-Suite.

What Our Clients Say:

Our most popular course!

"The pace and content were great. Matt does a masterful job mixing the content and exercises."


"Super helpful-more folks in marketing should take this course as we shift towards a more datacentric model "

-Akamai Technologies

"Very interactive and well built presentation. Great takeaways." 


"Matt was an amazing instructor. Content was detailed and precise, learned a ton from this."

-Survey Monkey

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Transform your data presentation with persuasion, visualization, and neuromarketing techniques.