What You'll Learn:

Session 1: Digital Analytics Strategy

A place to start for those wishing to develop or organize their approach to analytics.  This workshop develops a measurement model specific to your organization through lectures, breakouts, and discussions.  Breakout activities are focused on matching your business objectives to marketing activities while balancing strategic and tactical reporting.


  • The problem with organizational analytics
  • The information hierarchy
  • Identify Business Objectives
  • How Will You Accomplish These Objectives?
  • ABC’s of Analytics
  • Establish Targets, Benchmarks and Value
  • Develop Relevant, Custom KPI’s
  • Explore Valuable Segments
  • Schedule Measurement & Analysis



Session 2: Ask Data Questions that Guide Insights

Step up your analysis with 7 skills that connect data with insight, actions, and outcomes.  We explore the digital campaign funnel and connect KPI’s to their influencing factors. This is a perfect session for those wishing to get more out of their agency relationships.  Ultimately, this workshop equips learners with the ability to “know what questions to ask.”  


  • It Starts With Questions
  • Asking Questions of the Data
  • Connect Causal Factors
  • Maintain Business Acumen
  • Testing Outcomes
  • Source Related or External Data
  • Apply Proper Attribution & Incrementality




Session 3:  Reduce Information Overload and Drive Action

Bring influence, expertise, and action with visual data and storytelling techniques. This workshop explores data visualization methods that create more effective reports, presentations, and decisions.  We focus on the THINK and not the INK, to communicate critical business information to stakeholders.


  • Bad Data Visuals – Hall of Shame
  • Establish Context
  • Eliminate the Unnecessary
  • Visual Design Principles
  • Storytelling Techniques that Get Attention
  • Who Gets the Report?
  • IAI Reporting Model
  • Planning for the Presentation Space
  • Data Visualization Checklist

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Reviews of Matt Bailey's Analytics Training

Detailed and Precise

Survey Monkey

Matt is an amazing instructor. Content was detailed and precise, learned a ton from this.

Excellent Presentation


Matt's pacing was great. He covered dense content and made it easy to understand.

Insightful and Actionable


Very interactive and well built workshop. Made me think differently about how to present data in ways that will be meaningful to my audience!

Relevant and immeditely actionable


Engaging, informative and relevant. I can begin to implement these best practices in my work immediately.